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Meet Greg

Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to look through some of my work! I am a Fine Art​ photographer, capturing my weddings in both film and digital. ​Creating has always come naturally and organically for me. So when I made the decision to incorporate film into my professional photography, it just felt right. You may wonder, why use film in this digital age? The beauty of film is how it embraces the light around us. No matter how much or little we may see, it creates a luminous carbon copy of that moment in time. Film allows me to stay present during my time with clients and connect with those around me. I'm not distracted by a screen and don't have to miss a moment by looking down. It demands a level of patience that I'm more than willing to give. Life isn't to be rushed or manufactured. I always feel it should be captured in the purest way it presents itself. Photographing in film allows me to do that!

On the other side of

The Lense


I love licorice!


I love sports… football, basketball, volleyball- you name it!


In fact I was recently on the winning team of the NYC flag football tournament for 2 years in a row


I am a total movie buff- one of my favorite pastimes is putting my kids in their pjs and going to take them to a late night movie


Cooking is one of my favorite things to do as a family, we always host Thanksgiving and the Super Bowl!


I love fashion, I actually do almost all the shopping (like 95%) of the clothing & shoe shopping for our family, even for Melissa :)

Our Philosophy

Light makes photography. Embrace light. Admire it. Love it. But above all, know light. Know it for all you are worth, and you will know the key to photography.

- George Eastman

Our photography is guided by light. Both the light that is given from the the heavens above and the light that emanates from within each of our couples. Every wedding is a celebration captured one moment at a time. Leaving heartfelt memories to be shared and passed down as a story seen through photos

Family is Everything

They are the ones who love and support us, and who we call on to celebrate in our most momentous occasions! We know that we are not just capturing memories for the here and now, but to be passed down from generation to generation and for our family to come.

Staying Inspired

In our personal lives, with our clients, and with their weddings, we pursue uplifting and inspirational opportunities.

Loving… Fun… Excited

We are all about sharing in the celebration on the wedding day! We love all the energy and thoughtfulness that goes into the creating this day. We are right there to oooh and ahh over all the special sweet moments shared throughout the wedding!


Whether it is location, culture, or the way your story has come to be​,​ We embrace the diversity of our couples! It allows us to capture new and colorful opportunities with every wedding.

Associate Photographers

I am so excited to introduce a new tier in the GLP studio! We have a talented team of photographers who have worked alongside me throughout the years, and now are taking on weddings of their own under the GLP Brand! So allow us to continue to capture your wedding day and gain the quality, artistry, and storytelling of Greg Lewis Photography for a lighter investment! 

The studio

We love our studio!  It wears many hats and plays many roles in our business…  It is  a place where we meet with our clients, sit and talk with our couples, whether it is  to deliver an album or just have a good conversation!  We love to have lunch with  and collaborate with other vendors at our round table.  It is also where we get all of  our business done and do all of our pre and post wedding work.  But most  importantly it is a space that reflects us, that invites us in and inspires us each and  every day.  We love to have this space to focus on our work and cultivate our  creativity! 

Embrace the Light.


My first love is being a wife and a mother, I take great pride and joy in both of those roles. My second would have to be photography and our business that we have grown together. I not only love managing, the home front that we call our studio, I LOVE being there to celebrate with couples and their families, it truly is such an honor to know I am preserving memories. And I love to see the story of our couples unfold right before my eyes… it never gets old and it always inspires!

Next member of our team


I have known George for over 15 years now!  He made his presence known in  photography as a street and fashion photographer in NYC.  These years of  experience in documenting moments in motion has allowed him to photograph  weddings with an approach that fits perfectly into the GLP Brand.  He was my  college roommate and best man at my wedding.  And for the past five years he has  been my right hand man at more weddings than I can count.  He is also an amazing  husband and father to the cutest little boy.  And I am so grateful to have him as part  of the team! 

Next member of our team